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Aspire Innovative Learning, Inc.

Allison's Art City: Youth art supplies & more!

Thank you for making a donation in honor of Allison Stilwell. Her legacy will live on through the eyes and hands of children. We continue to tell her story and provide crayons, paper, sewing kits, garden tools, flower and veggie seeds to children in need.

Innovation & Improvement

Our online community supports improvement and innovation in Edutainment-based instruction by providing low-income families high quality instructional products in services.

Increase Student Engagement 

We provide academic coaching that increases student engagement by partnering with edutainment companies to build a network for reaching diverse populations.


Together, each member is essential for  working together and developing  new ways to meet students needs. Let us know how you want to help.  
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2020-2021 School Year

EDÜT International School for PK-12 grade students.  The EDÜT virtual classroom is a social network designed for families to connect and share fun learning experiences while reaching academic goals.